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Customer Management

Companies have been trying for decades to evolve from a product-centric strategy to a customer-centric one. However, without an adequate transformation of the customer experience and that of the collaborators - total experience - this evolution is superficial. At bcn we have specialized in supporting organizations to develop their customer experience strategy and ensure its execution in their relationship with them. We help to design the Service Models, the Channels and Interactions Strategy and the Voice of the Customer Model aimed at generating permanent adaptation capabilities to the needs of the clients. Our services specialize in the following three pillars:


  • Define the purpose and establish the aspiration to achieve, including a clear definition of the Customer Experience Strategy, with an omnichannel approach.

  • Innovate and Implement Customer Experiences with products and services, as well as Customer Journeys, redesigning the Service Models and the Sales and Services Channels Strategy.


  • Establish the Critical Facilitators necessary for change: attitudes, behaviors and capacities, technologies, operational model and performance management.

Customer Experience
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